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Hi! I’m a mama of two gorgeous boys and wife of a tech genius, living the expat life in the Middle East. I didn’t know I was kinda crunchy until I became pregnant with my firstborn son. While researching and preparing and re-reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting for the 11th time, I found I leaned toward the ideas of cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. As I learned more about each of these, I stumbled upon some fantastic natural parenting websites and support groups. The more I read, the deeper I got–in a good way!


As I was to find out, there’s a very wide range of crunchy. I’m definitely kinda crunchy, more of an earth mama than some of the mamas who fall crunchier on the spectrum. I practiced yoga and acupressure throughout both pregnancies (and labors!), ate a clean and organic diet, used a doula and midwife, and attempted a natural water birth the second time around. I breastfed both babies, but found it necessary to use donor breast milk and formula as well. My sons skipped cereal and enjoyed avocado as their first food. I cloth diapered both of my sons, and also practiced Elimination Communication, so they were both potty trained by their first birthdays. I taught them American Sign Language in addition to Arabic and English; co-slept (but only for a few months. Extended co-sleeping wasn’t right for us for several reasons), and used amber necklaces for natural pain relief. I’m an enthusiastic baby-wearer and love to debate the pros and cons of different types and brands of baby carrier. I chose a delayed vaccination schedule and rear-faced my children well past the required ages.

Not only am I kinda crunchy, but my whole family leans toward the natural and holistic way. My kids can be picky eaters at times, but they also beg for spirulina and wheatgrass smoothies or bone broth. We follow a diet that falls somewhere between paleo and gluten free and use homemade supplements and remedies. We prefer homemade cleaning products, natural toiletries, and family yoga.

In addition to living as expats, we love to travel, and the kids have traveled with us all around the world. It’s always an adventure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Besides travel and healthy lifestyle, my interests include yoga, photography, cooking, and spending time in nature. I decided to write this blog to share my experiences with those who are interested in leading a more holistic lifestyle or learn about natural parenting as well as to connect with others who share my passions. If you know of a fantastic Facebook group, website, or blog that you think I’d like please let me know!


Just for Fun…

There are several “How Crunchy Are You” type quizzes floating around, and they can be really fun to take. Why don’t you try one of these and let me know what you got?

Mama Natural

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  • This is the first time that I have heard the expression ‘crunchy.’

    I think I may also vere that way, but not all the way as I do still like other luxuries that life offers.

    I admire you for managing to follow the diet that you do, and I am sure your family are really healthy for it. This I think is the hardest thing to do, as it does take up a lot of time searching out the right ingredients and recipes, and also making it taste good for the family is a skill all of its own.

    • Hi Michel,

      The term “crunchy” goes back to the era of granola crunchy hippies. I’m not totally crunchy either–I drive an SUV, eat meat, and use shampoo. 🙂 Oh, and I can totally appreciate both camping AND 5 star hotels!

      Life gets hectic sometimes, and meal/menu planning can get a little overwhelming when my day job gets in the way. I love glutenfreeonashoestring and paleoleap for menu planning and recipes, and I often make meals on the weekend to make life a bit easier during the week. I’m always looking for new inspiration so if you have a favorite site or cookbook, please let me know!

  • Hi there Amanda

    Very interesting about me page and it really sounds like you have lived a very interesting and rather healthy life both yourself and your kids while raising them but what does krunchie mean?

    I am very unfamiliar with that term I’m afraid, An explanation would be appreciated.

    • Hi Derek,

      Crunchy is a term that’s often used to describe moms (or dads, or anyone!) who are bit on the hippie side. I chose “kinda crunchy mama” as the name for my blog because I’m not really a hippie, but I do appreciate a natural and simple lifestyle. I hope that helps! 🙂

  • Hello there Mom365, what a nice way to present yourself. You do good with all that “different” approaches you took towards your children, the holistic way of living and dieting. I’ve heard that kids should be taught at an early age what is good to eat and what not – and when they get used to it – they do not crave for sweets and junk food – do it will make their lives better and healthier. I have tried spirulina and it is awesome – so I can relate. One last thing – the water birth – I have a friend of mine that did that with her second child and the baby born is so calm and smiling all the time – she was very satisfied with this way of giving birth! All the best you in your journey and Happy New 2017! 🙂

    • Hi SaM! I agree, I’m hoping to help instill healthy habits in my children from a young age. Happy New Year, and thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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